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Softpacks - Backpacks - Trauma

Whether you need a Softpack First Aid Kit, a Backpack, the ultimate First Responder, or Trauma First Aid Kit, you are in the right place.  We have over 18 years experience in putting together high quality First Aid Kits for every situation.

Choosing the appropriate First Aid Kit is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3  

1. Are you at a fixed address within 60 minutes of permanent medical facilities?
If not, then you are considered Remote.

2.  What size kit do you need?

3.  What type of First Aid Kits do you need?

  Dustproof Softpack Backpack Trauma
Small K160 K158 or K156    
Medium K210 K140 or K150 or K45    
Large   K55 K1444 K1666
Remote K170 K45 or K55 or K150 K1444 K1666


Other considerations
The ultimate Paramedic First Aid Kit is the K1666.  
Consider a Defibrillator to help with complete First Aid cover.   
Consider also having our Snake Bite Kit to supplement your First Aid Kit.  

If you are unsure of what First Aid Kit is best suited for your home, we can help

Why choose First Aid Kits Australia?
- We manufacture in Australia to TGA Standards
- Australian Families have relied on our unprecedented quality First Aid Kits for almost 20 years

First Aid Kits Australia... entrusted to deliver the highest quality of First Aid supplies

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K150 Compact First Responder Softpack - Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Best Seller!
First Aid Kit - Snake/Spider Bite Cover   Our K150 Compact First Responder First Aid Kit, two for one deal, is excellent value for money. It is our Most Popular Kit designed to provi..
K1666 High Risk Remote Area Softpack First Aid Kit - Top of the Range - SAVE 50%!
Our K1666 First Responder First Aid Kit is for those serious about safety. It is our Top of the Range Kit designed to provide comprehensive cover in High Risk and Remote Area situations. Purpos..
Snake Bite Kit - ON SALE - SAVE 20%
Our Snake Bite Kit is a must for every home, caravan and 4WD.    Purpose The Snake Bite Kit provides emergency treatment for one person in case of a snake or spid..
K158 Bum Bag First Aid Kit
Our K158 Bum bag is a great immediate response First Aid Kit that allows for quick and easy access to those bandages, dressing strips and CPR masks.   Purpose The K158 Bum bag provides i..
K156 Softpack First Aid Kit
Our K156 soft pack has been created by our expert panel of advisors to include the essential medical supplies for a First Aid kit.  The K156 is by far one of the most popular kit..
K2000SP Safe Work Australia compliant  - Softpack First Aid Kit - ON SALE!
Our K2000 Safe Work Australia compliant First Aid Kit range ensures that you are covered for any Low Risk work environment - (Just black color available). Purpose: Covers t..
K140 Travel First Aid Kit - Softpack - ON SALE NOW!
  Our K140 Travel First Aid Kit is ideal for any traveller. It is lightweight and durable, ready for any trip, just throw it into your backpack. Purpose: The K140 Travel First Aid Ki..
K160 Compact First Aid Kit - Dustproof Softpack - GREAT VALUE!
  This is a very popular general purpose First Aid Kit for most situations.  It is compact yet full of essential first aid items that will not weigh you down.   Purpos..
K170 Medium Compact Dust Proof Soft Pack
Our K170 is a compact dust proof First Aid Kit with moderate cover for out of town operations.   Purpose: The K170 is dust proof with an internal plastic covering of a..
K210 Off-Road First Aid Kit
Our K210 is specifically designed for 4WD, Trucks and Watercraft.  It has an internally sealed zip lock bag to keep out dust and moisture.  Purpose: The K210 is a large e..
K45 Softpack Dustproof First Aid Kit - Excellent Offer!
Our K45 Farmsafe First Aid Kit pcomes with a quck release carry strap.  It contains the right components for serious first aid in remote locations and covers your risk category if you are in..
K55 Softpack High Risk First Aid Kit - SAVE 40% Today!
Our K55 Remote Area First Aid Kit provides cover for High Risk assessed environments.  This kit will satisfy remote mine site access requirements.  Purpose: The K55 is designed ..
K1444 Backpack
  Our K1444 Backpack is designed specifically for the State or National team.  It has been given the tick of approval by many sports managers and physios for having all the right sup..
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