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Childcare - Schools


Using our First Aid Kits ensures that you have the very best cover for your Education or Child Care Facility, conforming with recommendations from National and State authorities.

Choosing the appropriate First Aid Kit is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3  

1.  Most Schools or Childcare environments are considered LOW risk under the National First Aid Code of Practice.
Please note: If your school does any sort of machinery work with the students or work outdoors in extreme heat or cold then one of our High Risk Workplace Kits will be more appropriate.

2.  Consider the maximum number of staff and students that this kit will provide cover for?
Also. the location of your kit is very important.  Your staff and students should have immediate and easy access to first aid supplies.  This may mean situating a kit in each room.  

3.  Ensure you cover the “out of the school” needs by having a Portable First Aid Kit - whether for the playground or an excursion.
If  beyond one hour of a permanent medical facility then you will need the K1666 for complete cover.   Prepare for the worst, so have a safe and effective medical plan to evacuate anyone to the closest medical facility.  Think about what vehicles and staff will be required..

  0 - 6  0 - 45 0 - 60  0 - 90 
Classroom K709 K809 K909 K1009
Playground K159      
Excursion K309 K1666 K1666 K1666
School First Aid Room K1009      


Other considerations

- The National First Aid Code of Practice requirement is to have 1 First Aider per 25 people in your care
Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority recommend all educators or carers are to be trained in appropriate first aid which includes:
Provide First Aid - HLTAID003
       Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace - 22024VIC
       Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - HLTAID001
       First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis - 22099VIC
If taking students on an excursion, we recommend that at least one member is qualified and current in -
Provide First Aid in Remote situations - HLTAID005
Locate the First Aid Kit so you have immediate access when it is needed
Schools or Facilities that have more than 100 people require a First Aid Room.  Call us to discuss what is needed to satisfy this regulated requirement.
Always consider having a Defibrillator in the classroom.  Two minutes is the difference between death and survival during a cardiac arrest. Our HeartSine Samaritan 500P is ideal because of its unique attach and follow the voice prompt system.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of CPR should be able to attach the 500P to the victim and perform quality CPR.  

If you are unsure of your compliance requirements or what First Aid Kit is best suited for your environment, we can help

Why choose First Aid Kits Australia?
- We manufacture in Australia to TGA Standards
We can set up an account for your purchases.  Please call us to arrange.
We also offer re-stocking services in the Brisbane region.  
Schools and Education Centres across Australia have relied on our unprecedented quality First Aid Kits for almost 20 years

First Aid Kits Australia... entrusted for safer living … especially the safety of our children.

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K1666 High Risk Remote Area Softpack First Aid Kit - Top of the Range - SAVE 50%!
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K159 Childcare Bum Bag
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K309 Childcare Portable Box First Aid Kit - ON SALE NOW - SAVE 30%
Our K309 is a small tackle box style first aid kit.  It has been designed for portability  Purpose: We recommend the K309 for excursion style groups of up to 6 children.  This ..
K709 Childcare Metal Wallmount First Aid Kit
  Our K709 Powder Coated Wall Mountable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for small classrooms, family day care or mothers groups. Purpose: We have designed an economical but..
K809 Childcare First Aid Kit Medium Wallmount
Our K809 Powder Coated Wall Mountable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for classroom sizes up to 45 children. Purpose: We have designed a specific childcare first aid kit that ..
K909 Large Childcare First Aid Kit
Our K909 Powder Coated Wall Mountable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for classroom sizes up to 60 children.   Purpose: We have designed a specific childcare first aid ki..
K1009 Large Childcare Centre Main First Aid Kit
Our K1009 Wall Mountable Kitchen First Aid Kit is as big as they come. Still housed in a durable powder-coated metal cabinet with all stainless steel fittings and containing the ve..
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