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A critical component for Mine Sites and Farms is having adequate and appropriate First Aid training and equipment in case of an accident or illness.

Choosing the appropriate First Aid Kit is as easy as 1 - 2  - 3
1.  Ensure you conduct a risk assessmnet of your work environment.

     ** Talking to your staff can help identify major hazards.
2.  How many people are you covering?
3.  Do you require a Soft Pack, Portable or Wall Mountable First Aid kit?

People per Room or Vehicle 0 - 10 0 - 25 0 -50
Softpack K45 K55 K1666
Portable Hard Case K450 K450 / K500 K1010
Wall Mountable K800 K900 K1000

SELECT YOUR PRODUCT BELOW OR CALL us now to discuss it further

Other considerations

- The National First Aid Code of Practice requirement is to have 1 First Aider per 10 people in Remote work environments.  
Locate the First Aid Kit so you have immediate and unrestricted access when it is needed.
Any environment that has more than 100 people requires a First Aid Room.  If you are considering the need for a First Aid room call us to discuss.
- Always consider having a Defibrillator on hand.  After conducting your risk assessment revisit the type of employees you have.  If there is any pre-condition that would indicate the need for a defibrillator then you will have no choice but to ensure one is available for your staff.  
If you are unsure of your compliance requirements we can help 

Why choose First Aid Kits Australia?

- We manufacture in Australia to TGA Standards
- Australian owned and operated
- Australian Farmers and Mine Site Senior Executive (SSE) Officers have relied on our unprecedented quality First Aid Kits for almost 20 years

First Aid Kits Australia... entrusted for safer working

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K1666 High Risk Remote Area Softpack First Aid Kit - Top of the Range - SAVE 50%!
Our K1666 First Responder First Aid Kit is for those serious about safety. It is our Top of the Range Kit designed to provide comprehensive cover in High Risk and Remote Area situations. Purpos..
K45 Softpack Dustproof First Aid Kit - Excellent Offer!
Our K45 Farmsafe First Aid Kit pcomes with a quck release carry strap.  It contains the right components for serious first aid in remote locations and covers your risk category if you are in..
K55 Softpack High Risk First Aid Kit - SAVE 40% Today!
Our K55 Remote Area First Aid Kit provides cover for High Risk assessed environments.  This kit will satisfy remote mine site access requirements.  Purpose: The K55 is designed ..
K800 Wall Mount First Aid Kit - ON SALE - SAVE 25% Today!
Our K800 Workplace First Aid Kit is designed for a Low to Medium Risk Workplace of up to 35 workers. It has a durable metal wall-mount cabinet and contains only quality medical products you can rely..
K450 Portable First Aid Kit
Our K450 Portable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for High risk level workplaces or if you just want a serious kit for around the family farm. Purpose: Portable and hard wea..
K500 Metal Tool Box First Aid Kit - SAVE 25%
Our K500 Metal Tool Box First Aid Kit is designed to cover up to 35 people in an urban environment where you have access to permanent medical facilities within 60 minutes. Purpose:..
K900 Construction Industry Compliant First Aid Kit - ON SALE NOW!
Our K900 Wall Mountable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for High risk level workplaces within one hour medical assistance.  It contains trauma dressings, burn treatment, ey..
K1010 First Responder - 2 Tray Portable
Our K1010 Portable First Aid Kit is a big two tray - Top of the range Paramedic size for serious user's. *Available in green colour only Purpose: Large First Responder Infield use. &..
K1000 Construction Industry Compliant First Aid Kit - High Risk, Metal, Wall-mount
Our K1000 Wall Mountable First Aid Kit is the biggest they get.   Purpose:  Designed for First Aid rooms.  Consider this kit if you have a permament location that you could us..
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