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AEROPLAST Finger and Knuckle Dressing 12 Pack

AEROPLAST Finger and Knuckle Dressing 12 Pack
Product Code: BAF312
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AEROPLAST Finger and Knuckle Dressing 12 Pack

Welcome to the new, innovative Plaster dispensing system – AEROPLAST™ Vend™ range.

AEROPLAST™ Vend™ brings ground breaking, game changing technology to the First Aid industry.

First Aid Plasters are the most consumable item in any First Aid kit, making the new  AEROPLAST™ Vend™ range which brings unparalleled convenience to dispensing of plasters an absolute must for every first aid kit with ease for the user at no additional cost

The AEROPLAST™ VEND™ range is packed with benefits:

  • Most cost effective dispenser system on the market.
  • Clearly defined pictorial of dressing and plaster at front of box for ease of selection.
  • Proprietary, perforated rip off top for ease of removal of an individual plaster
  • Proprietary vending spring providing the ease of dispensing to the very last plaster.

The AEROPLAST™ VEND™ Range is also introducing AERO Healthcare’s proprietary SUPABOND™ adhesive. This adhesive represents a breakthrough for the First Aid industry, providing a latex free solution across all substrates with an unparalleled adhesive performance.

The benefits of the proprietary SupaBond™ Adhesive:

  • Unparalleled adhesive performance
  • No sticky residue as commonly associated with fabric plasters
  • Latex Free and hypoallergenic

This release comes after years of research and testing resulting from feedback from over 100 million plasters sold worldwide by Aero Healthcare.

When you need it to stick, insist on AEROPLAST™

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