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Thermo Relief Instant Heat Pad 24cm x 14cm

Thermo Relief Instant Heat Pad 24cm x 14cm
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Thermo Relief Instant Heat Pad 24cm x 14cm

THERMO RELIEF Bio Health Heater Re-usable Heat Pack

How does the “Thermo Relief” Heater work? Clicking the button inside the pack will generate enough energy to change the contents, (sodium acetate) from a liquid to a solid. When changing, this product generates heat up to 57°C. At this temperature The “Thermo Relief” Heater, can be used to treat body aches and pains.

How to use the “Thermo Relief” Heater

  1. Click the Floating Metal Button
  2. Squeeze & Massage the Pack

It is now Ready to Use

The “Thermo Relief” Heater, will last anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on three factors, size, how it is used and how well it is insulated. To extend the heating time massage the pack with your hands. This will cause friction which will generate more heat.

How to re-use The Amazing “Thermo Relief” Heater

  • Wrap in Towel Boil in water for Once Cool it is ready for Re-use or use Wire Cake Rack 10-15 minutes until Clear

Microwave Instructions

Place in cold water in uncovered microwave dish (in double volume of water – heat pack must be totally covered) and set on high for 12 minutes for medium and small sizes.

• The “Thermo Relief” Heater contains a safe non-toxic substance.
• To use as a cold pack refrigerate for 1 hour in liquid state.
• Do not apply directly to skin. Wrap in belt or cover before use.
• Pack can only be activated after it has cooled completely.

• Always store pack in liquid state by following the re-use instructions.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Use for external application only.
• If the product becomes punctured discontinue use.

• Always cover the pack with water when boiling. 


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