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TENS Accessories

We stock a range of high quality TENS accessories including TENS machine replacement leads, bags, cases, replacemant AC adaptors and 9V batteries.

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TENS Machine Replacement Leads - 1 Pair
  High quality TENS Machine Replacement Leads - Fits most popular brands of TENS and EMS machines. These are the same leads we supply with out TENS and EMS machines and will last quite some ti..
TENS Machine Bag - CALICO
  TENS Machine Bag - CALICO - Fits most popular brands of TENS and EMS machines ..
AC Adaptor for MH6000P and MH8000P
  This is the same 240V AC to 9V DC power adaptor that comes with our MH-6000P and MH-8000P TENS/EMS machines. This is a high quality switchmode power supply that is modern, small and light. I..
TENS Machine Case - Black
  TENS Machine Case - Black - Fits the MH6000P & MH8000P TENS and EMS machine only. ..
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