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Nursing - First Aid Room Kits


First Aid rooms are an essential part of any business.  If you have over 100 people either working or visiting then you must consider a First Aid room on site.

Choosing the appropriate First Aid kit for this room is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  1.   Conduct a risk assessment to determine whether you work in a Low Risk or High Risk environment?
  2.   What is the maximum capacity of your work environment?
  3.   Is the workplace within one hour of permanent medical facilities?

        If not, then this is considered 'Remote'

  > 100 > 200 Remote
Low Risk K700 K1666 or K1000 K1666
High Risk K900 K1666 or K1000 K1666


Other Considerations:
- Two minutes is the difference between death and survival during a cardiac arrest.  Consider the need for a Defibrillator.  
The First Aid room has minimum requirements set out in the Notational First Aid Code of Practice, 2012.
If you are unsure of your compliance requirements we can help

Why choose First Aid Kits Australia?
We manufacture in Australia to TGA Standards
Businesses have relied on our unprecedented quality First Aid Kits for almost 20 years

First Aid Kits Australia .... entrusted for your Safety

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K1666 High Risk Remote Area Softpack First Aid Kit - Top of the Range - SAVE 57%!
Our K1666 First Responder First Aid Kit is for those serious about safety. It is our Top of the Range Kit designed to provide comprehensive cover in High Risk and Remote Area situations. Purpos..
K700 Workplace Compliant First Aid Kit - Metal, Wall-mount
Our K700 Wall Mountable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for low to moderate risk level workplaces. Purpose: Easily mounted wall casing and expertly designed so that you find..
K900 Construction Industry Compliant First Aid Kit - ON SALE NOW!
Our K900 Wall Mountable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for High risk level workplaces within one hour medical assistance.  It contains trauma dressings, burn treatment, ey..
K1000 Construction Industry Compliant First Aid Kit - High Risk, Metal, Wall-mount
Our K1000 Wall Mountable First Aid Kit is the biggest they get.   Purpose:  Designed for First Aid rooms.  Consider this kit if you have a permament location that you could us..
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