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Selecting a First Aid Kit


Selecting the Correct First Aid Kit

The Australian Standard was written in 1983 and has not been revised since.  The basic content of a low risk first aid kit is given under Safe Work Australia 2016 - First Aid Code of Practice, but in our opinion this generic list of components is not a true cover.  Choosing the correct kit should be covered by assessing risk (both level and probability of occurance) and should be carried out by an subject matter expert (SME).  He or she would break the risk levels up into many areas:-

Low risk is simply where there is a low probability of serious injury that would require first aid treatment.  Such places like around the suburban home or in the office.

Moderate risk workplace maybe warehouse with pallet racking and a forklift, it may include an office on another floor that would then require an additional kit, each vehicle used by staff for work purpose becomes an extension of the workplace and must have the same level of protection as the workplace itself. Farmers or persons working on the land are always high risk.

High risk would require additional cover for the type of work being performed ie eye-burns- cuts-breaks may need extra items for each assessed risk of every workplace or work area. If you cut, saw, weld or drill then you are high risk.

Remote area - Farms - Mine Sites all need separate assessment. First aid training is an important requirement in every workplace.

Marine kits includes river to B class to G scale and F scale including survey work vessels use.

Catering kits are to a level of size of kitchen and staff numbers and must include burn dressings and hydrogel treatment and blue visual dressing strips and strapping and the addition of blue detectable for food manufacturing ie meat works or canneries.

Childcare kits accounts for the number of children and separate rooms with doors closing requiring additional kits. Staff must also be covered.

Sports first aid for any type of sport is a duty of care, for teams or clubs, this needs careful content selection for injury cover.

You are not expected to be a doctor but a first aid course is an important requirement we should all undertake Call us on the above 1300 number ... FREE CALL.

Whatever your need or requirement maybe we look forward to working with you to cover your duty of care and all of your requirements to fully cover you, corporate branding and company restocking backup is another area that we can plan with you.  Also checkout our Checklist for what we recommend you have in your First Aid Kit.

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